As an affiliate of our natural building program, you can earn money while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly building practices. You'll be a part of a growing movement and positively impact the environment. Join us today and make a difference.

  • We provide 20% for the affiliate product. Out of which, you shall receive 10% per transaction and 10% off for your users/audience/followers.
  • Write to us to become Affiliates at
  • You can get the dedicated affiliate links for the course in your profile
  • An affiliate can look up his progress anytime in his profile.
  • You can select the products to publish and let us know, and then we shall provide you with the specific images and promo code for you to publish.
  • You have to write or create the content for publishing on your platforms/site. Do not copy-paste the course description as it leads to Plagiarism and affects SEO.
  • Every month's first week, we shall settle your payments which can be seen in the dashboard.

  • As long as the platform exists, you shall be an affiliate, and the links will be valid for 90 days.

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