Our organization has a long history of service, dating back over 12 years. We focus on spreading awareness about traditional Indian natural building methods, through hands-on workshops, online video courses and books. We're dedicated to sharing knowledge about natural buildings, based on the age-old practice of using materials available from the surroundings in a way that doesn't cause harm to nature. These homes are durable and have been standing for centuries.

Meet our amazing team

Biju Bhaskar

Founder & Architect
Director, Author

Sindhu Bhaskar

Thannal Founder
Project Manager

Dharan Ashok

Director, Visuals, Editor

Marg Trivedi

Intern Architect
Narrator and Illustrations


Back – Home, an inner sathi (companion) in Natural Building, is an online tutorial video series to help people learn about building homes with natural materials.

It is step-by-step video documentation from the Thannal campus and other construction sites, which can assist you in learning about natural buildings. All the aspects in need of shelter making are present in the series. It is a perfect companion in your journey to make a natural home. It is a compilation of 12 years of research and explorations in Natural Building by Thannal founder Ar. Biju Bhaskar.

To know about Our Founder, Ar. Biju Bhaskar CLICK HERE

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