Our Roadmap

Know about the upcoming courses and features ahead!!!

Upcoming Courses And Features

Discover the upcoming milestones we will encounter on our natural building journey. As Earth Lovers, you will have the opportunity to witness the Thannal process in Indian Natural Building firsthand.

Natural Finishes (Launched 2nd MAY 2024)

Learn About Natural Plasters and Flooring techniques such as Mud Finishes, Lime, Mud&Lime, etc.

Bamboo Framing for Roof Structures

Complete set by step online course about doing Bamboo framing for roof structures.

Outside Toilet+ Septic Tank

How to Do Sundried Adobe Toilet with a septic tank and sump without using zero percent cement.

Live Classes

Get a chance to learn from the Natural Builders who are Live in Action along with Thannal Natural Homes!!!

Natural Building Projects By Experts

Exclusive Project explanations and walkthroughs of exciting Natural Building Projects.

Revival of Ancient Techniques

Learn about special Rajasthani Plaster series, Chettinad Finshes and what not.

One On One Sessions with Professionals

Get an opportunity to work with Professionals as consultants to execute your dream home.

Each course and feature will have separate pricing, any user can purchase them separately or in packages


Learn Indian Natural Building Anytime and Anywhere with Thannal!

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