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1.5 Surkhi

Welcome to our course on the magic of surkhi! In this course, you will delve into the world of surkhi and discover all of its secrets. You will learn about the different types of surkhi and how to assess the quality of each type. You will also learn how to make surkhi and how to use it effectively in your building projects.

Language: English
Duration: 45 Minutes
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Validity: 365Days
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About the course

Surkhi is a very ancient building material. In many parts of India, the use of lime and surkhi is a common practice. It is because Surkhi bonds well with lime and helps in the carbonation of lime. Many monuments, temples, forts, haveli, and traditional homes use surkhi with lime for mortars and plasters. Other aggregates and admixtures are also present in such mixes, but the bond between surkhi and lime is exceptional. Surkhi is porous and can retain moisture, which can help in the early carbonation of lime. It is identified long ago and is a crucial factor in the traditional system. Fun Fact: Even the modern material innovations in cement are also trying to use surkhi (or other pozzolanic material) as an ingredient for cement to make it less disastrous to the environment (read more about LC3 cement). So, the question is, if it is such excellent material, then why should we not learn about the old, time-tested combination of lime and surkhi and make good, sustainable homes to meet our needs?

What you'll learn

  • What is Surkhi?
  • Ancient Text Knowledge
  • Traditional Building Examples
  • What is Pozzolanic material?
  • What happens when pozzolanic material is added?
  • Sources of Surkhi
  • How to Make Surkhi (Do-it-yourself)?
  • How to make surkhi by in your site
  • How to make the mix with Surkhi?
  • What is the effect of grinding the mix?
  • Benefits of adding Surkhi
  • How to test the quality of Surkhi?
  • Uses of Surkhi
  • Limitations in using Surkhi
  • Conclusion & Jagrat (Awake)
  • References & Upcoming Lessons

This online course will give you a comprehensive understanding of surkhi. By the end of this course, you'll understand the mystery of surkhi that my people are searching for. With this knowledge, you'll be able to make your own surkhi and use it to improve your building experience.






8 Modules | 26 Sessions | 43 min 20 sec Total Time



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