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2.1 Introduction to Roofing Techniques

Are you tired of living under a concrete cement roof? Want to learn about sustainable and eco-friendly roofing options for your next building project? Then this is for you!

This introductory course provides a comprehensive overview of natural roofing techniques for buildings and covers topics such as the benefits of flat roofs, open/closed terraces, different types of Thatch roofs with their life span in natural buildings, as well as energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It is ideal for anyone interested in natural building.

Language: English
Duration: 30 minutes
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About the course

Are there roofs without cement? Can we make flat roofs and open terraces in natural buildings?

These are questions that many people ask themselves when constructing a sustainable building.

"Introduction to Natural Building Roofing Techniques." online course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the various environmentally friendly methods that are prevalent across India.

In this course, you will be taught different methods in roofing that are not only sustainable, money-saving and fast but also have long-term success.
You will also understand the benefits of using flat roofs and open/ closed terraces in natural buildings and how they can help to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

There is a wide range of thatched roofs. Here you can see the different variations and the lifespan of these green roofs.

This understanding of different methods is perfect for architects, civil engineers,  builders, and anyone interested in natural building. With the knowledge you gain from these methods, you can make more informed decisions about roofing for your next sustainable building project.

What you'll learn:

What is roof, Parts, categories, weights of roof, wall plate

  • What is Roof? The functions of roof and the importance of roof
  • The importance of roof in design before walls and foundation
  • The different parts of the roof - Structure and covering material
  • Impact of choice of roof upon the building
  • The effect of climate upon roof
  • Different types of roofs in different regions in India
  • Possibility of making the roof before the walls
  • Category of roof- Slope/pitched Roof & Flat Roof
  • Weight of different types of roof
  • Category of roof depending on the weight
  • Connection between roof and wall using wall plate

Slope of roof,  Different factors, categories, Covering Materials, Thatch

  • The slope of the roof - definition and function
  • Different factors which determine the slope of the roof
  • Different category of roof depending on the slope of the roof
  • Effect of wind pressure upon the roof
  • Types of covering material for sloping roof - Mangalore Tile, Country tile, Wooden Shingles
  • Thatch Roof - Different types and their life span

Stone Roof, Category & Types of Flat roofs

  • Different Types of stone roof and their structure - Using Slate and Kadappa
  • What are flat roofs - Open Terrace roofs & Intermediate roofs
  • Different type of Flat roofs - Flat Mud roof, Adobe rood, Limecrete roof Hourdi Roof, Madras terrace roof,

    *App users can watch the Course Preview video to know about the course.*

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about sustainable roofing options. Enroll now and start living under a natural roof! 


5 Modules | 7 Sessions | 27 min 35 sec Total Time



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