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1.1 Introduction to Natural Building

    Learn how to build sustainably in our Introduction to Natural Building course. We'll take you on a journey through the evolution of shelter, from traditional techniques to eco-friendly housing. You'll learn about the impact of human building on nature and how we can create homes that work in harmony with the environment. Join us and discover how you can make a positive impact with your building projects. 

    Language: English
    Duration: 35 min
    Learn at your own pace
    Validity: Lifetime

About the course

The natural building existed from when humans started to settle down, away from the caves. Shelter making is an essential part of human life. It fulfils one of the three basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. The chapter explains how making shelters evolved with humanity, adapting to the needs and changes in surroundings. Thannal has tapped into resources from ancient textbooks and existing traditional homes to understand various traditional building methods. The elderly artisans and masons from different communities around the country play a crucial role in the learning process. They explain the techniques they practice, which they acquired from their ancestors, which help us connect the writings in the texts with the existing buildings. Making shelters with natural materials without causing much impact on nature was the practice of humans for centuries. Although there have been benefits and conveniences to humans by changing to modern materials, one should not ignore the ugly damages caused by it. This episode aims to create awareness and strengthen the belief that building a shelter without cement or steel is possible. Natural buildings are not alien to us but a necessity with humanity until a few decades ago. Let's watch the videos and see how the story unfolds. References and links to additional learning resources are in the last section.

What you'll learn

  • Evolution of Shelters
  • Ancient Textbooks
  • Age-old Structures
  • Traditional Shelter making system
  • Where does Thannal's knowledge come from?
  • Why did this system change?
  • How is it well suited for each place?
  • Impact of returning to Natural Building
  • Jagrat (awake): When living in a mud house, the five senses will interact with the natural materials in the physical world.





3 Modules | 7 Sessions |30 min 36 sec Total Time



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