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1.3 Bamboo

This course intends to give a comprehensive overview of bamboo in construction: from choosing the suitable species to harvesting, treating and using bamboo in buildings. It also provides an overview of bamboo as a sustainable building material, its various applications in construction

-Learn about the various bamboo species, their growth rate, density, strength, and other qualities
-Understand how to choose the correct species of bamboo for the desired application
- This course is exactly what you need if you're interested in learning about bamboo! We'll cover topics like choosing suitable species, harvesting, different treatment methods, types of oils, and using different sizes of bamboo in construction. You'll come away from this course with a wealth of knowledge about bamboo. 

Language: English
Duration: 1 hour
Learn at your own pace
Validity: 365Days
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About the course

Bamboo is one of the materials extensively used in India for making traditional homes. India is home to more than 100 bamboo species, making us one of the largest producers globally. Most of the indigenous communities understand its superior qualities. There is a vast pool of indigenous knowledge to build with bamboo, with highly skilled artisans in all parts of the country where bamboo is naturally growing. In this episode of the 'Back Home' series, you'll learn the essentials of selecting, harvesting, treating, and using bamboo in construction. Adapt the knowledge about bamboo from this video as per the bamboo species available locally in the surroundings, the local climate, familiar techniques of the local artisans, and the use of bamboo. For example, the technique varies depending on if it is for roofs or walls. As it is a very fast-growing material, it is highly sustainable compared to wood. Consider using bamboo instead of cutting down an old tree. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that can regrow much faster. Explore the videos to learn more about this 'wonder' grass.

What you'll learn

  • What is Bamboo?
  • Bamboo is not a wood but a variety of grass. 
  • Ancient text knowledge
  • Traditional examples of Uses of Bamboo
  • Types of Bamboo
  • How to procure bamboo?
  • Harvesting
  • Traditional practices in India
  • Buying from Market
  • Why treat bamboo? 
  • Immersing bamboo in water
  • Smoking bamboo 
  • Baking bamboo in light fire
  • Dipping in boric and borax
  • Immersing in cow urine
  • Preservation
  • How to choose a suitable treatment method?
  • Different ways to use bamboo
  • Conclusion & Jagrat (Awake)
  • References & What’s Next

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about bamboo. We'll cover everything from choosing the suitable species to harvesting, and you'll learn about different methods of treatments, types of oils and using different sizes of bamboo in construction. You'll come away from this course with a wealth of knowledge about bamboo.



6 Modules | 28 Sessions | 56 min 28 sec Total Time



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