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Professional's in Natural Building

If you're interested in natural building, you'll love learning about the projects and experiences of the professionals who studied at Thannal. This resource is full of valuable information and inspiration for anyone who wants to explore or learn more about the natural building.

Language: Tamil
Duration: 1 hour 15min
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Validity: Lifetime

About the course

If you are interested in learning about the projects and experiences of professionals in the field of natural building who have studied at Thannal, then you have come to the right place. Natural building is a growing field that encompasses many professionals, including architects, engineers, interior designers, and contractors. After studying at Thannal, these professionals dedicate themselves to designing and constructing environmentally responsible buildings that use natural materials. In this resource, you can learn about these professionals' diverse backgrounds and experiences and their unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you are an aspiring natural builder yourself or simply curious about this exciting field, this resource is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration.


2 Modules | 10 Sessions | 1 hour 11 min Total Time



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