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3.1 Foundation, Plinth, Plinth Beam

Discover the art of creating sturdy foundations and innovative plinth beams without relying on cement in this comprehensive course. Unveil the secrets of flood-resistant structures through a self-paced journey, delving into construction history, load distribution, and eco-friendly design techniques. Harness mud, lime, surkhi, and plants to craft foundations while mastering essential plinth dimensions and capillary control. From foundation basics to sustainable building practices, this course covers it all, guiding you through site preparation, plinth creation, and the significance of plinth beams.

Language: English
Duration: 1 hour 13 min 
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About the course

Create strong foundations, practical plinths, and innovative plinth beams without cement. This comprehensive course offers a thorough, self-paced journey, guiding you step by step in creating flood-resistant foundations and structures.


  • Explore construction history and load distribution.
  • Use mud, lime, surkhi, and plants for foundations.
  • Design eco-friendly plinths with proper dimensions and capillary control.
  • Learn various foundation and plinth beam strategies.

Course Contents:

  1. Foundation Basics: Explore historical insights and types.
  2. Site Preparation: Choose sites, assess pits, mark layouts.
  3. Crafting Plinths: Learn about plinth height, width, and capillary control.
  4. Innovating with Plinth Beams: Understand their importance and methods.
  5. Culmination: Connect sustainability with building practices.

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10 Modules | 11 Sessions | 1 hour 13 min 



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