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3.3 Different Methods Of Making Earthen Walls

Discover the art of crafting earthen walls in our comprehensive course. Uncover the entire process of creating walls using natural techniques like cob, wattle and daub, adobe, and CSMB. Immerse yourself in the world of diverse masonry bonds – Rat Trap, English, Flemish, and more. Explore the magic of mud and lime mortars, enhanced by natural additives for stability. Dive into concepts like openings, sculpting niches, and beyond. This step-by-step, in-depth explanation of wall construction and foundation is designed for self-paced learning. Become a master of earthen wall crafting, grasp various masonry and mortar techniques, and enroll today to shape your skills in building resilient structures.

Join "Different Ways to Build Walls in Natural Buildings" where each wall becomes a canvas for nature's creativity.

Language: English
Duration:  3 hour 44 min 
Learn at your own pace
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About the course

Unlock the art of creating earthen walls with our detailed course. Learn the A to Z of crafting walls using natural materials and methods like cob, wattle and daub, adobe, CSMB, and more. Dive into diverse masonry bonds such as Rat Trap, English, and Flemish bonds. Discover the magic of mud and lime mortars, and even add natural additives for enhanced stability. Explore openings, sculpting niches, and more. It is a step-by-step in-depth explanation of the walls and foundation which you can learn at your own pace.

Course Content:

  • Wet Mix Techniques: Cob, Wattle and Daub, Adobe
  • Dry Mix Techniques: CSMB, Earthbag
  • Openings: Doors, Windows, Glass Creativity
  • Masonry Bonds: RR, Dry Rubble, English, Flemish, Rat Trap
  • Mortar Mixes: Mud, Mud and Lime, Lime Sand, Lime Pozzolanic, Lime Sand Pozzolanic, Limecrete for Plinth Beams

How It Benefits You:

  • Master crafting earthen walls for your projects.
  • Understand various masonry and mortar techniques.

To learn from Foundation to wall, it's all covered in "Part 3: Natural Wall Systems and Foundations." Also to gain expertise in natural building with "Part 1-4: Complete Companion of Natural Building." Enroll today and shape your skills in building resilient earthen walls.


12 Modules | 44 Sessions | 3 hour 43 min 5 sec Total Time



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