Admixtures Part-1

Let us look into this fantastic world of admixtures, which connects the building to the living being of nature, on a molecular level.


Buildings for our ancestors is not just inorganic materials. Organic materials played an essential part in it. Enhancing the durability of the construction methods using admixtures is the "grandma's" secret or the secret ingredient which ensures the building lasts for generations. Admixtures are different from place to place, as they suit the particular climate and available materials. The plants in part of the country may not be available in other areas, so the wise ancestors used what was available to meet the requirements. It led to the use of several admixtures, which is seen in the ancient textbooks and interacting with the elderly artisans. Let us, deep dive into this chapter, which adds value to the natural homes and respects the elderly artisans who practice them.


This is a platform for sharing knowledge in natural buildings based on the traditional shelter-making methods in India. The age-old practice of using natural materials available from the surroundings in a way without causing harm to nature is revived. The addition of plant and animal derivatives made these homes durable for centuries.

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