Lime is a common building material in many parts of the country. You can learn about lime, its sourcing, slaking, uses and many more!


Lime is one of the crucial building materials. It is part of making buildings for a very long time. The strength of lime increases with each passing day, making it an ageless material. It can make surfaces that are resistant to water. The making of lime is not very complicated, which is a traditional practice in many communities. There are local lime kilns around the country which makes lime from limestone or seashells. Using lime is not very difficult, but always follow simple rules to get the best results after using it. Let us learn the basics about lime in this chapter of the Back Home series.


This is a platform for sharing knowledge in natural buildings based on the traditional shelter-making methods in India. The age-old practice of using natural materials available from the surroundings in a way without causing harm to nature is revived. The addition of plant and animal derivatives made these homes durable for centuries.

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