Part 1: Essential Materials of Natural Building

Start the journey from dedicated chapters on Mud, Bamboo, Lime, Surkhi and Admixtures.


This particular part contains six chapters starting with An Introduction to Natural Building. In the following chapters, learn in detail about Mud, Bamboo, Lime, Surkhi and Admixtures. This part is for in-depth learning about natural building materials. The tutorial videos make the learner familiar with different aspects of the natural building material. One can know about the historical context through ancient textbooks and traditional practices at old buildings. It helps to make the right choice of material, procurement, know the material through on-site tests, treatment of material, making it into the suitable usable form and the different possibilities of using the material. This series has no construction method or technique for making the wall, foundation, plaster, or roof. The sole purpose is to 'know the materials'. Understanding the material well at first lays a strong foundation in the learning of Natural Buildings. The origin of techniques and practices discussed in this series is from an 'Indian' context, which makes this course unique from other Natural Building methods worldwide. No Additional contents are available. Part 2,3 & 4 has to be purchased separately. Kindly go through the description and the preview video before purchasing the product. Refund feature is not available.

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Releasing contents at regular intervals (Initially only Part 1)

This is a platform for sharing knowledge in natural buildings based on the traditional shelter-making methods in India. The age-old practice of using natural materials available from the surroundings in a way without causing harm to nature is revived. The addition of plant and animal derivatives made these homes durable for centuries.

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